Wrap Time!

Wrap Time!

I've just about completed my Christmas shopping and I've started wrapping! My list is always way too ambitious, and my husband says I buy for anyone and everyone I've ever met! It sure feels like it when I sit down to wrap! I have a crazy little method that works well for me. I use a different patterned paper for each of the kids, my husband, and for the individual families and friends we purchase gifts for at Christmas. So, for example, my brother's family may have a green paper with Santas and the presents for my best friend's family might then be wrapped in a red paper decorated with snowmen. I can then just look at a package and know who's family is to receive that particular gift. The wrapping begins after a long day and the kiddos are all snuggled in their beds fast asleep. I gather all my supplies in advance including several different papering options, ribbons in various holiday colors, scissors, several rolls of tape, name tags, and a red pen. This helps me to stay organized and focused on the duties at hand because I'm usually pretty worn out by this time of the night! I always wrap the presents at the dining room table with a hint of traditional Christmas movie playing softly in the background. I'm typically still at the paper wrapping station into the wee hours of the morning. I never complete the task in one session so I can always plan on a few more very long nights finishing the job. At the end of the wrap I hide the packages in empty suitcases and boxes placed in the back of the basement... you know, where all the monsters hang out! Thus, no worries the little ones will be snooping around to see if Santa has already dropped off some presents for Christmas morning!

Recently I saw a video on how to easily wrap all those holiday packages when you might not have enough paper or an oddly shaped gift. The " Life-Changing Gift Wrapping Hacks" video is on YouTube, and I first saw the video on the blog "But First, Coffee." After watching it I was excited to see so many great ideas for wrapping those unconventionally shaped presents. I have often felt inadequate at gift wrapping (sort of like how I feel when I try to dance!). Anyway, the suggestions in this video were very helpful! And if you're still shopping, there's still time to get the sweetest gifts ever at Zoey's Attic Personalized Shirts and Gifts

14th Dec 2018 Zoey

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