Sets for three

And now there are three little ones in the family! A unique sibling set for three makes a fun way to announce a new baby brother or baby sister will be joining the family. Sibling shirts make a sweet baby shower gift, and also the perfect hospital gift for the new baby and bigger siblings! These shirts come in a variety of designs and certainly make the older kiddos feel super special and very important with their new roles as the older siblings. Our shirt sets for three siblings can be customized for any brother or sister combination you need. There are also fun designs to accommodate the littlest kiddos, but simple designs too that the older siblings will like as well. Our number one sibling set for three is the matching simple circle set. The wording around the circle can be customized for a brother or sister and the biggest, big, little descriptive text can be changed to whatever wording you prefer. You even choose the ink color for the circles on each shirt! Our color chart has a variety of colors to choose from so you will be able to select your little one’s favorite color for each shirt in the set. The simple text three sibling shirt set and the team shirts with swoosh are also fan favorite selections and are especially popular with families with older siblings. And if you can’t find the perfect sibling shirts for your family you can choose any design in our shop and then select the “choose your design and customize everything” set. Questions? Contact us!