Dog T-Shirts

It's true.. dogs can be man's best friend! They are very loyal and you are its world! My dogs are just like kids to me! Everyone in the family gets new outfits for the holidays and guess what, so do the dogs! So whether you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, you will find the cutest dogs tees ever at Zoey’s Attic! There are even the sweetest little ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree for your puppy’s very first Christmas! And, if you have a special occasion such as your pup’s birthday or need a decorative shirt for the Fourth of July festivities just let us know and we can create a unique shirt for your pooch! Maybe too you will soon be sharing some exciting news with family and friends, so why not let your beloved four legged friend spill the beans? How fun to let the rest of the world know when your pet dog is about to become a big sister or big brother? Everyone will be turning their heads as you walk by with your best buddy sporting a Big Sister or Big Brother to be t-shirt! You can even customize a matching shirt for the new little addition to your family! We're here to help so just let us know what you need! Got questions? Contact us!