Hurry Up Spring!

Hurry Up Spring!

One day it's snow and ice, and the next day is 60°F and sunny! That has always been the weather challenge here in  Saint Louis, Missouri. It's sort of what you see is what you get with absolutely no rhyme or reason. But, I can always tell when Spring is near... the itchy eyes, runny nose, sore throat and laryngitis give it away each year as the doldrums of Winter anxiously await the awakening of a new Spring. The sickly annoyances are all worth it because I will soon feel better with the official arrival of Spring! I am rejuvenated by the wonders of this season with the caterpillars' transformation into the beauty that is the butterfly, the opening of the tree buds and the tulip bulbs blooming in the yard, the sound of the bees buzzing as they begin their important work of pollinating the flowers, and finally the thrill that is Cardinal baseball! It is also the time to unpack and update the Spring wardrobe that has been stored away for the long Winter season. And, if your little ones have outgrown last Spring's tops, Zoey's Attic Personalized Gifts can help get you ready for Spring 2019.

Zoey's has super sweet  t-shirt designs, and if you're updating your kiddo's room Zoey has lots of totally awesome pillowcase and throw pillow designs to complement your theme. There are even personalized toddler travel pillows made with love just for your little one!  

You will also find Zoey's Personalized Gifts the most adorable custom shirts and  gifts that are perfect for Mother's Day! 

Only 14 days remain until the official first day of Spring! Can't wait!

6th Mar 2019 Zoey

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