Personalized Toddler Pillows

I don’t know about you, but I love my pillow! I take it with me on long car rides and also when I’m away on vacation! It’s so comfy, and I guess I’d say it serves as my very own “adult” security blanket! I just know I sleep so much better when my head is resting on my own pillow! Just as I love my pillow, kiddos love their pillows too! And do you know what else kids love? Well, just about anything that has their name on it! The perfect combination then is an adorable personalized pillow for all the little ones in the family! Zoey’s Attic has a variety of custom design 12 inch x 16 inch size pillowcases complete with pillow inserts that are perfectly sized for your toddler's precious head! The ever so graceful ballerina with barre design is perfect for the dancer in the family. You can even customize the ballerina style and tutu color. In addition, you can request a specific hair color and skin tone to match the hair color and skin tone of your little ballerina! Zoey’s Attic Personalized Gifts also has the perfect toddler pillow for little boys and girls who love puppies, or monkeys, or even giraffes! Actually, any design in our shop can be made on a personalized travel pillow. So it’s no problem at all if you need a custom design made especially for your toddler! You can always contact us with your ideas and color choices and Zoey will work her magic to create the perfect little toddler pillow for your child. Travel pillows also make great gifts for nieces and nephews, Godchildren, grandkids, and your friend’s children too! These adorable toddler pillows are perfect for taking along for car rides, napping on daycare cots, or nap time at Grandma's!