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Why does your shop charge a proof add on fee?

➤ We certainly understand wanting to see a proof before ordering. Unfortunately, due to the volume of orders and custom requests we receive, we simply cannot accommodate a proof for every order. 

Why not, I've bought from other shops that do include a proof for free?

➤ Being a small staff of designers, we process over 100 orders a day. When that gets broken down, creating a proof on a single order becomes very time consuming: First, our color settings are different for our printers then they are for the screen, as the digital printers we use have different color palettes, so to start with we have to completely change the colors so that we can show you a more true representation of what it will look like. Second, we have to take the design and export it in a different format to send to you so you can review it, we can't just save it in the program we are working on. Third, (still with me? Impressive!) the customer service becomes a logistics nightmare - between sending the proofs, marking that we sent the proof and then continually checking to see if the customer has written back, we would spend so much time following up on proofs that we would probably never have time to print orders anymore... that may be a bit dramatic, but you get the idea - customer service is the biggest problem with proofing orders as it just takes a lot of our time. So, while the proof fee doesn't cover the time we spend, it does, at least, offset it some.

What if I don't purchase a proof and you make a mistake?

➤ I'd love to say that will never happen, but the truth is we are absolutely not perfect! We have many checks and balances in place to try and minimize some of that room for error, but of course, if we make a mistake on your order we would absolutely replace it right away with no charge to you or the recipient at all. 

What is your fascination with Sherlock Holmes?

➤ Not much, really, but we thought it went along good with the whole "inspecting" your designs / proof explanation. He was a super sleuth, however! :)
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1 Review

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    Definitely worth it!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jul 2014

    I ordered a birth announcement pillow and decided on the spending the $3.00 on proofing it before it was printed.

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