Retro family Christmas wood slice ornament

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This retro personalized family Christmas wood slice ornament will be sure to please hanging on the tree year after year. Such a fun Christmas keepsake! Perfect gift for "Christmas Vacation" fans too! This is an actual cut pine wood piece ornament of unfinished natural wood circles with tree bark. It is natural that some wood bark may fall partially from the slices. Variable sizes range from approximately 2.8 to 3.2 inches. The printed ornament is natural pine wood, pre-sanded and polished. Includes a ribbon for hanging (colors may vary by design).

Want to customize the back with a special message? Simply select "Personalized Back" in the ornament style options and let us know in the notes what you'd like the back to say!

Ornament style options are as follows:
 Single Sided: Ornament design will be on one side only with blank back side
 Double Sided: Same ornament design will be on both sides
 Personalized Back: Ornament design on one side only with your own special message on the other. We will custom design the second side for you with your custom message!