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navy shirts

see images in email for design

I have attached two pictures, the smaller one would be for the left front of a navy s/s t-shirt, and the larger design would be on the back. I have also attached a map of the actual location, that is being replicated onto the whale, so you can get an idea of what I'm trying to do. This is a take-off of a Vinevard Vines shirt. If you need a clearer view of the actual map, just google "bois blanc island" and you can find the same image. I would like all of the letters on the map to be lowercase like the Vineyard Vines style. The pine trees can just be very simplistic like I have drawn. For the front logo, either the whale with pine trees or without...whichever you think looks better, was thinking maybe the one with pine trees in the whale was too busy. All white graphics and writing on navy blue s/s t-shirts. IF an extra color, pink, does not add cost, I would like to use that in both of the rectangle logos on the front and back, otherwise just all white is great.




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