Custom order with Proof for Kim

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4 heather gray v-neck tshirts


We would like the L,V,E letters to be black.

We would like the paw to be a tiger paw with our teacher names printed on the paw in white, black, or orange. (Whatever color shows up best on paw)

We would like "Tigers" at the bottom in orange using the cursive "Bulldogs" font. (from mscl-101)

We would like "5th Grade" going down the right side in whatever font you feel looks good. As far as color for this, I'm not sure. We wanted white, but you mentioned it wouldn't show up. Can we do white with black outline? If not, I'm going to let you choose from black, orange, charcoal, silver?? 


Our teacher's names and sizes are as follows:
Large - Ms. Angelo
Medium - Mrs. Fiumara
Small - Mrs. Zocolo
Medium - Mrs. DeLucia
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