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heavy canvas pillow with plush insert

photo and wording in email

Re text:  I tried to find fonts that more or less reflected a butterfly’s flight.  I like Mistral best but your designers might have others that would work better, so have at it.  I don’t want anything too loopy.  He isn’t a loopy kind of a guy, just appreciates butterflies.  Especially blue ones.  And leans toward contemporary style.  Also, it is up to designers to decide what color the text should be.  I would like it printed on the image as is, not vignetted.


Re the photo:  I did some editing to make it cooler in tone, more blue, and more vibrant.  I thought vibrance might make it read better printed on cloth, but if it is too much, please ask your designers to edit to make it better.  The cool and blue tones are because he likes blue.

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