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white small dolman

I am imagining two stick people (as if they are collaborating) and a large lightbulb between them that shows their innovation. I am attaching a bulb photo (PHOTO 1) that is similar to what I am thinking except I am attaching what I want items I want to pop out of the  light bulb. Coming out of the light bulb I was envisioning the following things... gears, camera, sticky notes, pencil, markers, clipboard, books, base ten blocks and a little otter (that is the mascot) in place of what you see in the photo (Photo 1). Somehow coming out of the light bulb (like PHOTO 2), I was hoping for the following words... Collaboration, Reflection, Innovation, Celebration. Then on the base, I would love the words...        ILLUMINATE   

                                                                                                                                                                                              #Mrs. Moultons
On the back of the shirt... I would love the stick people with everything.... on the front I would like the bulb without the people and my name. Mrs. Moulton 
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