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black L/S shirts


Adult L, coach / dad
Adult S/ M (can I come by for size) or do they run big/ small? Do you have women’s cut? Mom
Youth L, player #70
youth M, sister
Could we do a hockey stick snowflake in the center with something like KYHA * Happy Hockeydays or alike around it? Probably just white on black, maybe red and white printed on black. 
In the sweater details - include as many hockey and winter/ snow, snowflake, holiday/ tree, motifs as possible - pucks, hockey nets, skates, players, snowflakes, hockey sticks, ice rink perhaps as a full background/ shape of the sweater - or even a printed “hockey sweater” laced up printed at neckline? 
Idk, just really thought this would be AMAZING for 2020 - running out of original personalized Christmas jammies ideas for our kids now 12, 9. With the Happy Hockeydays at the top in the sweater motif
Somehow personalize in center with the snowflake hockey stick &/or in the bottom of the sweater - personalized by player/ coach/ parent/ sibling...
Son, Gavin is a Pee Wee B1-2 player, idk how to personalize except with player #, his is #70
my husband - is coaching my son this year. We joked about doing his with “best hockey coach ever”, 
we have a lot of younger sisters/ siblings too - so maybe something for them - hockey sis, hockey bro - “I’m just here for the cocoa”, 
Hockey mom, 
Hockey dad... 
my favorite player calls me papa, GMA 
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