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double sided canvas pillow with plush insert
I would like these around the pillow if possible in different colors with a 75 in the middle
S is simply the best

Happy to be playing tennis, Mahjong and spending time with family 

An amazing Mom, Grandma, and friend!

Ready to mediate, counsel, etc.!

One of the most selfless persons I know!

Never hesitates to lend a helping hand!… Jeanette Kunow


Always there for me who was struggling to survive… Socorro Lustgarten

Playful, Dignified Classy Lady with CHUTZPAH… Vikki Jensen

You are selfless, so giving and filled with incredible passion that brings the best out of those who know you!   Most of all, you have made a difference in so many lives when you created the SHARON community!... Marilynn Duchin

You bring us together for tennis and more, but your Kindness and Dedication are what we adore!... Geri Hawkins

Friendly, pleasant and organized... Jill Tanney
Sharon is creative, consistent, capable, caring and has built a community of love around tennis.  We are so blessed to have her in our lives...  Michelle Bird
A kind and beautiful person...   Marta DiGrado
My forever friend.  Life is better with you in it!...  Joy Glucksman
APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE!  Because of Sharon, we play tennis!...  Bev Price
Sharon, MASTER ORGANIZER...  Ilse Lang
Beautiful smile...  Norvy Elliot
I'm grateful that our paths have crossed.  Blessed to know you...  Linda Giacopelli
My dear friend.  Always thoughtful and kind… Shari Schwarz
Your superpower is the ability to bring people together, for friendship and fun...   Bonnie Elkin
We are so lucky to have our Sharon!  You work hard to make us a real tennis family...  Sandy Smith
Sharon friend.  Wishing you returns of the love and joy you give to others...  Liz Simeone
You truly are our tennis guru...   Mindy Ross
A warm, caring, take charge women who I am so fortunate to have in my life... Sheryl Santi
I felt welcome in your group.  It’s now after getting to know others in the group I see that it seems to flow from you into others...  Barbara Lefleur
You are the BEST!...  Lucille Levine
Kudos for your contagious Joy and passionate love of tennis!  What a special lady to grace and enhance our lives on and off the court... Roz Moritz
Walking our strollers together in 1978-1979, around Corinthian to Deltic Roads!… Janet Kaminsky
Your friendship means the world to me!...  Shelly Linder
Like the sun - always giving light and warmth to everyone...  Sue Price
You are the most amazing, kind and giving individual I know.  Thank you for being my friend... Serena Weintraub
Dearest Sharon is our woman of valor who means so much to so many... Betty Cohen
Queen of the court … forever...   Phyllis Maloy
“When can you play”?...  Virginia Halprin
I'm grateful that our paths have crossed.Blessed to know you…  Linda Giacopelli
Want canasta on one side- tennis ball in middle and biggest- Mah Jong on other side


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