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  1. LOVE school teacher's personalized raglan shirt (to match ones we ordered last year; I can forward a picture if needed)
    1. White with Royal Blue Sleeves, Size S, Solid black letters "L, V, E" and solid red apple, "Kindergarten" in yellow/ gold and "James K. Polk" in royal blue. Name: Ms. Healey
    2. same as above, Size:S, Name: Ms. Wigglesworth


  1. Teacher First Grade Rocks colorful personalized Tshirt (also to match shirts from last year, I can forward a picture if needed)
    1. White T Shirt, Size S, Grade: Kindergarten, Name: Ms. Healey


  1. Teacher any grade Squad personalized Dark T Shirt, All shirts in royal blue crew neck, Grade: Kindergarten (all letters colored), School Name: James K. Polk, "squad" in yellow/gold, Names of teachers and sizes are as follows:
    1. Ms. Schrayer, Small
    2. Mrs. Musgrave, Med
    3. Ms. Healey, Small
    4. Ms. Alexander, Lg
    5. Ms. Paniagua, XL
    6. Ms. Jefferson, Lg
    7. Ms. Salaam, XL
    8. Mrs. Morales, Small
    9. Ms. Kimmel, Small
    10. Mrs. Razzaq, Small
    11. Ms. Nelson, Med
    12. Mrs. P, Small
    13. Mrs. Cuellar, Small
    14. Ms. Stefanski, XL
    15. Ms. Jones, Med
    16. Mrs. Priestley, Lg
    17. Mrs. Hairston, Lg
    18. Mrs. Carter, Small
    19. Mrs. Johnson, 2X
    20. Mrs. Davidson, Small
    21. Ms. Cate, Small

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