Bulk mug order with proof for Kacey Moore

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custom mugs 

9 total all to different addresses 

 all 15 oz size

 I have a vision.. mugs with "Let's get this conference call started" on one side, and then each with a different typical conference call "thing" on the other side. I need 8 of them.

Examples of the conf call things...

"Everyone, please mute your line."
"Sorry, I got kicked out."
"_____, you're still on mute."
"Can you see my screen?"
"Next slide, please."
"I have to jump to another call."
"Still loading..."
"Can we take this offline?"
"You're still sharing your screen."


Can I add a “caffeine and quarantine... get this conf call started” in purple for me?  


$14 each for the mugs and $5 each for shipping so total
$126 for the mugs
$45 for shipping
$171 total




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