Birth announcement pillow dream catcher custom throw pillow

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We are known for our birth pillows!  Purchase with confidence that you will be giving a unique and special new baby gift for years to come!  

How does it work you ask?
> Simply give us as much info as you'd like and a professional graphic designer will lay out your information so that it best represents the design. If you only know a few of the details, no worries - we can even make something cute with just this information.  

How do I know that it will be correct?
>Because we process hundreds of birth pillow orders in a week, we don't automatically include proofs before purchasing, however, of course if we make a mistake on a birth pillow we would always replace it free of charge and immediately regardless of whether you added a proof or not!  But, we get it, sometimes you want to make sure everything is correct and you will love the layout of the end product so you can always choose to add a proof on beforehand for a $3 proofing fee!  :) 

And, as always we're here to oblige - add any other specific color or layout requests to the "Details" section when ordering.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This sweet dream catcher design 14 x 14 inch birth announcement pillow with removable pillowcase will make a great addition to your baby, toddler or little one's room. You will be amazed with the quality as it is so much better in person than online! This precious feather and flowery birth announcement pillow WILL NOT disappoint! Also, makes a perfect gift for new parents to welcome their precious new baby. Looks great sitting on the glider or displayed on a shelf until the baby is old enough to use it! With every glance of this special birth announcement pillow, the new parents will be reminded of your thoughtful and unique welcome for their new baby.

* This listing DOES include the pillow! Colors can always be customized to match your nursery! And can also be customized for a little boy!

Our pillowcases are created with the latest and greatest in sublimation printing (dyes the fabric so no crackies or peeling). They will long outlast your little one and still look amazing in the memory box 20 years from now!