Pecking Order Shirts

sibling & birth order t-shirts at "the pecking order"

Our highly popular "birdie shirts" have become well known in the shower and new baby gift arena!  These shirts are all custom made and created special just for your personal "flock".  You choose the colors/wording and even add personalization when desired.  The big siblings feel special when wearing their very own custom shirts and the new baby looks oh so sweet!

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Our most common birdie shirts are used for pregnancy announcements. The sample shown on the left is a great example of a big sister to be that used this shirt to announce her new baby brother or sister was on the way!

Since they didn't know the gender of the new baby yet, they chose green for the second "baby" bird. We also have yellow birdie available for a gender neutral option. These samples show personalizatoin, but they are available without names if desired!


The most popular wording for birdie shirts are typically, "big sister, little brother" or "big brother, baby sister". Around here at the pecking order we don't typically use the term "middle brother" since most often our shirts are given when a new baby arrives, the "middle sibling" is just getting their first crack at being a big brother or sister. So, we usually create shirts saying "biggest sister/bigger brother" or "bigger brother/big brother". It makes the first time big brother or sister to be feel very special!

Of course, we can always do a middle, just let us know!


Choose from pink, blue or white t-shirts for your sibling shirts.

We sell ringer t-shirts and soft, 100% organic cotton shirts as well, but they are currently not available on the order page. We hope to add them soon, but in the meantime, should you be interested in a different shirt style, you can contact us and we will arrange for a special shirt style order. Additional pricing will apply.


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